Family Coaching

Coaching can be used to improve many aspects of family life, helping all family members to better understand each other through clear, useful and quiet communication.

Following a new diagnosis, old or young, or natural development of a person within the family. It can be difficult to understand how to establish a family life that benefits all family members and is not governed by neurodiversity. Ask yourself; what has changed from the day before the family member was diagnosed to the day after diagnosis? Probably not a lot! You are here because you want family life, in general, to improve.

As a family you are not happy with the current status; you have learnt a lot about neurodiversity recently but you are not sure what to do with it. I will help you take that knowledge and work with you to develop your strategies that will improve life for the whole family. From personal experience as a mother, I understand your apprehensions about what the future holds for you and your family. As a self advocate, I understand your apprehensions from a neurodiverse perspective. Through coaching I will help you move forward to a rewarding and fulfilling life for your family.

Below are the areas I can assist you with. If you have an area you require support with not listed below don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly. Click here for a free introductory consultation.

  • Managing daily family life
  • Understanding each persons wants and needs within the family unit
  • Tips and mechanisms to develop a better family dynamic
  • Relocating the family to another location or abroad
  • How to set and manage expectations from all the family
  • Family rules
  • Arrival of a new baby
  • Emotions
  • Meltdowns

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