Empowering your Neurodiversity with a coach – Why!

I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.

Lewis Carroll

If you agree with Lewis Carroll, and yes, I do then ask the question “how do you harness your specialness to improve your life.” That is best stated as a “million dollar question”. But with coaching you will be able to earn a few of those (and some) dollars back.

That’s my reality!

Well, why not. It offers the opportunity for adventure and discovery, which I love. Your choices make you unique, that uniqueness is your strength. Above all, it gives you the ability to strive and achieve in a unique and different way to other people; giving you an ability to think beyond the box.

For a neurodivergent individual, it’s common to receive limitations on capabilities in various settings, be it at home, work, or in social contexts. Instead of passively accepting this status quo, consider reclaiming control. Communicate to those around you not only what you can’t do, but more importantly, outline what you can achieve, what you will accomplish, and the methods you’ll employ to do so.

Does that sound a bit scary but exciting! You may need support to get there and you will! Get a Coach!

Coaching revolves around you, as you inherently possess the answers. A coach, utilizing questions devoid of influence or brimming with it, along with active listening, collaborates with you to unveil and comprehend those answers. Once revealed, these answers empower you. The question then becomes: What will you do and how will you proceed with this newfound empowerment?

You could go an do a handstand against the wall, but that’s not really going to do you much good. Although I would be very impressed if I could still do a handstand.

Your coaching journey does not end there. As your coach, I will encourage and support you to make all the decisions you need or want to.

  • A Coach helps indivdual become better advocates for thier lives, leaing the change
  • Learn to understand yourself
  • Learn to make you point of view hear and listed to
  • Learn to lead the change in your life with empathy and posativtity
  • A Coach encourages individuals to set clear goals
  • Make the goals realistic and achive breaking them down into small manageable parts
  • An empowerment coaching boosts your self-confidence
  • Learn to trust in you abilities.
  • Learn to make decsions for you and that benfit you
  • Learn to take a leap of faith, harness the ability to take a calculated risk
  • A Coach guide individuals in overcoming obstacles
  • Learn to reframe challenges and obstical and overcome them by exploring other solutions
  • Learn to build resilience and adaptability

Success starts here! Really it really does; belive in yourself

Setting expectations

To foster a successful coach/coachee relationship, I prioritize establishing the optimal environment. Generally, individuals perform at their best when surrounded by a supportive community they can rely on when needed, whether in the neurodiverse or neurotypical world. Together, we will define an environment tailored to your needs through clear and concise communication. This process aids in determining what works best for you, aligning with conditions that serve you most effectively. It’s akin to turning the light on or off, creating the right setting for your success.

Starting your coaching journey

The list above may seem too much, but it’s not.

As your coach, I am that comfortable snug security blanket wrapped around you. Figuratively not literally ofcourse!

I am there to give you that safe space to start empowering you one piece at a time. The pace is set by you and you alone.

You tell me what we focus on during each session, you can jump into which ever reality you wish I will be there with you.

  • Finding the right coach
  • Your are already on you way, I think choosing me would be a good decision
  • Build trust and get started
  • We have a conversation online and or via email and we get to know each other
  • Setting Expectations
  • You tell me what you want to get out of everything: do you want to go for a promotion or go and backpack around the North Pole!
  • Assess & Acknowledge the Starting Point
  • You tell me where you are now and from which point we move forward
  • The Coaching Journey Unfolds
  • The work begins
  • Revisit and re-evaluate expectations and goals
  • We never loose site of your goals; life can change and we adapt together
  • End your coaching journey
  • When you have achieved your goal, my job is done, we both deserve a gold star
  • Start a new coaching journey
  • While this journey may have concluded, I would be delighted to welcome you back whenever you sense the need for coaching, regardless of the time between visits.

When people are empowered to know what ‘their best’ looks like, the world is theirs to mould. You will function at your best, earn a few of the dollars back and love your life. Certain milestones are substantial and profoundly impactful; concluding your coaching journey marks a positive step forward in your life. With the acquired tools and the knowledge of how to wield them, you no longer require a coach. These tools will serve as your empowerment, propelling you forward.

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